Season Opener: The Team Takes Shape

by Dylan Clark on September 5, 2011

in UConn Football

To be 100% honest here, I totally missed the season opener on Saturday. It was a long weekend and I went to go visit my girlfriend at Marist. Little did I know she had no TV set up in her apartment. Don’t ask me how or why, she just didn’t. My parents were nice enough to DVR the game and I got to watch it Monday when I got home on my way back to UConn. Anyway, these are some of my post game thoughts.

It looks like we’ll see the YouTube superstar starting the season at QB. I was wrong about my analysis of the QB situation in my last post. In what was basically a glorified scrimmage (sorry Fordham) Mike Nebrich looked like a freshmen. He missed easy throws and that interception he threw was pretty bad. He’ll have his time, but his time is not now. Mr. Trickshot Johnny Mac looked good. I know it was against Fordham, but he certainly looked better than Nebrich did.

That brings me to the way Coach P. used Scott McCummings. I loved it. Bringing in the athlete quarterback to run a wildcat/option look was awesome. It’s a great change of pace and it gives the offense a different dimension that teams will have to respect. More than that, the way the plays were called when Scott was in was fantastic. Some speed option plays, some QB choice runs, and then hit ‘em with the double play action and drop one right over the top for a TD. It’s nothing but good having that kind of flexibility in the way an offense works. I envision Johnny Mac getting the full time job, Scott getting his option package, and Mike sits and learns.

I was disappointed to see that D.J. Shoemate didn’t play. It was good, however, to get our first looks at Lyle McCombs. Unfortunately we didn’t learn much. The offensive line dominated the game in such a manner that I could have gone for 150 yards and three touchdowns on Saturday. That being said, Lyle looked shifty and showed the ability to put the juke on. He lacked the killer burst of speed you want to see out of a running back though. On a toss play pretty close to the end zone he got into the open field, and had absolutely no change in speed. That’s when you want to see a running back take control and show that it’s not just good blocking, but that he can get it done and finish the play, which he did not. My dad put it best when he said “On that play, Todman would be in the end zone.”

The defense was the defense. Disgusting. It looked like we put in a couple backups and started giving up yards which did not make me happy but it could be worse. The first team was dominant, but then again, it was Fordham.

I’m probably more excited to see Nick Williams return kicks than I am to watching anyone play this season. That dude isn’t fast, but he’s shifty and makes people miss like you wouldn’t believe. That first punt return was ridiculous. It didn’t go very far, but it’s amazing he went as far as he did. My dad brought up the idea that he should get a look in the backfield every now and then. It’s an interesting idea, but like I said before, I like my return specialists to be return specialists. He’s too valuable to the team to risk him getting hurt on a meaningless run play.

How awesome is it having names on the jerseys? Pretty damn awesome? That’s what I’m saying. As of the current moment I’m watching Edsall’s new look Terps take on the U, and I can’t help but notice that Edsall took away the names from their jerseys. If I was a Maryland football player I would not be a happy camper. I also just watched the Terps lock in the W with a pick six. Congratulations Edsall, I still don’t like you very much….which is a lot more than I can say for the rest of UConn Country

Still trying to get into the football flow since I missed the first game. Vandy on Saturday, hopefully I catch this one live. U-C-O-N-N UCONN UCONN UCONN


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micheal June 5, 2014 at 7:14 am

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