A Series of Unfortunate (and One Possibly Incredibly Fortunate) Events

by Dylan Clark on September 18, 2011

in Big East,UConn Football

Sorry for the delay. I spent all weekend writing a paper for English. About what you ask? To be honest… I’m not really sure. While I was writing that crappy paper things were happening though. Big things.

But let’s start small. I’m not even sure where to begin. So much for an easy non-conference schedule huh? This is not what anyone wanted to see, losing to Vandy and Iowa State like that. Johnny Mac has got to get it together. He gave Vandy the game with all those INTs and he blew it pretty hard against Iowa State. I can throw the ball 30 yards on a good day, and that’s with the wind, and I have a strong enough arm to hit a receiver in the short flat for a first down, something Johnny Mac can’t quite do. Time to give Mike Nebrich the reins, because I’m done with Mr.Youtube.

But above that is the awful play calling of those last two snaps. We had two timeouts and time on the clock to try and run for the first down. Instead we let our Qb mess it up twice and waste the timeouts. I applauded the play calling in my last post, and I think it was very good for the most part during the Iowa State game. But when it came down to it in the clutch the play calling wasn’t there.

Dave Teagart, you have one job. Start making your field goals and quit kicking the ball out of bounds on kick offs.

D.J. Shoemate should never touch the ball again. Period. I supported you D.J., and with that support came the ridicule of my mother. Thank you for proving her right that was really nice of you.

But all of that seems pointless when the world is shifting beneath our feet. Conferences are realigning, and everyone is trying their hardest not to be the one without a seat when the music stops playing. Pitt and Cuse are already on their way to the ACC. When I heard that news I was legitimately angry. We have a great thing going here with the Big East, and I truly thought we were going to be a gainer with all this realignment. I thought TCU joining the league would legitimize football to go with the best basketball conference in the nation. Then this happened. Who was I going to hate during basketball season? Louisville? Providence? Who cares about them, I want to hate the Orange, and if they leave I can’t hate them like I want to hate them. Then I heard the news that UConn is “aggressively pursuing” membership in the ACC. That is AWESOME news. We’ll be in a better football conference, and now I can hate Cuse, Pitt, and now Duke and UNC too! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Let’s make this happen Susan Herbst, and maybe I’ll let you into my good graces for a little bit. I can’t forgive you for killing the greatest party in America (spring weekend) but this will make up for it a little.

Do I feel bad about bailing on the Big East? Yes I do. But I refuse to be the kid sitting on the bleachers doing nothing during prom. If this is what we have to do while the world as we know it is changing then so be it. I’m just looking out for number one

Alright guys. It’s Buffalo this week. BUFFALO. Let’s get this done and move on. U-C-O-N-N UCONN UCONN UCONN


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