UConn Football

Sorry for the delay. I spent all weekend writing a paper for English. About what you ask? To be honest… I’m not really sure. While I was writing that crappy paper things were happening though. Big things. But let’s start small. I’m not even sure where to begin. So much for an easy non-conference schedule [...]

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Season Opener: The Team Takes Shape

by Dylan Clark September 5, 2011

To be 100% honest here, I totally missed the season opener on Saturday. It was a long weekend and I went to go visit my girlfriend at Marist. Little did I know she had no TV set up in her apartment. Don’t ask me how or why, she just didn’t. My parents were nice enough [...]

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Footballs Back!

by Dylan Clark September 2, 2011

You smell that? That, my friends, is the smell of the start of a new academic year, and with it comes all the wondrous and beautiful things that go with the start of a new year. 100 dollar books you never need, dorm food that doesn’t qualify as food as I understand the definition of [...]

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Todman Slips, But Four Huskies Drafted

by Mike Grant May 1, 2011

This was not a particularly joyous draft for the UConn football program.  Look, anytime you have  four players drafted, you have to be happy, but two of the Huskies very best players, Lawrence Wilson and Jordan Todman were near afterthoughts yesterday.  19 running backs were chosen before San Diego pulled the trigger on Big East Player of [...]

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From Behind the Red Line : Spring Game Observations

by Mike Grant April 17, 2011

There really is nothing like a typical Connecticut Spring day.  Upper 40′s, wind and rain. Perfect.  Sarcasm off. Folks this was a hands in the pockets type day, so I wasn’t tweeting or taking notes, but here’s my rundown of what I saw yesterday: Quarterbacks I thought the first team offensive line was pretty bad [...]

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